ICICI Prudential Cash Advantage Plan : Suppose you plan to quit your job  to enjoy life, live your dreams which is not possible when you are working, but you have to give a second thought as you have family  to look after and you give up on quieting  your job rush back to reality leaving your dreams behind.

How sad it feels in spite of working hard you are compromising with your happiness, you might expect a magic wand or some gin in your life who can do wonders for you.

What if your dreams can come true and you can earn money without even working day and night, What if you can get additional income by saving a just little?

Yes it’s possible with ICICI Prudential Retirement income Solution III specially designed to let you live your dreams and take care of your family too.

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This plan is uniquely designed by keeping in view all the needs &  desires that one have for self as well as to provide protection against risk to your family.

It  provides regular payouts starting from age 35 till you reach 45 and it also gives you the option of having a regular income starting from the age of 45 till lifetime.

This plan is formed by combining the  benefits of two or more individual and separate products / policies: ICICI Pru Cash Advantage (UIN: 105N132V01) and ICICI Pru Immediate Annuity (UIN: 105N009V06). 

There is no compulsion that one have to buy both, depending on need one can buy accordingly. Let’ see what this unique plan offers :

ICICI Prudential Cash Advantage Plan Details :


By just investing 5,00,000 per annum for 10 years as a premium for ICICI Pru Cash Advantage you can reap three benefits and they are:

  • Early liquidity through cash benefit: You can earn 3,05,315 per year starting from the age of 35 till 45.
  • Income for Life: You have the option of purchasing ICICI Pru Immediate Annuity with the maturity benefit of your ICICI Pru Cash Advantage policy.
  • You can opt for “Joint Life Last Survivor with Return of Purchase Price” annuity option which will provide you Rs. 461,571 p.a. assuming 8% ARR and current annuity rates for the rest of your life.
  • In case of unfortunate event, your spouse will continue to get income till she is alive. Under the choice mentioned above, on death of the Policyholder or the spouse, whichever is later.
  • Legacy for your nominee: The purchase price of ICICI Pru Immediate Annuity i.e. Rs. 7,392,386 , will be paid back to the nominee

Earlier investment was not that easy and people never relied n buying insurance or retirement plans but with such lucrative offers customers can’t resist these treats. This plan is very apt where in your present as well as your future is protected and safe in terms of monetary benefits.

Premium Payable(excluding Tax)
1 to 10 years 5,00,000 P.A.
Benefits Earned
Year Benefit Type Amount (8%)
11 to 20 Guaranteed Cash Benefit Rs.3,05,315 per annum
21 year onward Regular income Rs. 461,571 per annum

1) If your policy is providing you guaranteed returns, then these will be marked as” Guaranteed” in above illustration.

On the other hand if your policy is offering variable returns than the illustration shows two different amount that you can earn, these are not guaranteed returns they are the upper and lower benefits that you can reap  on the maturity depending on the factors.

2) The regular income is calculated by assuming that you will use the entire maturity benefit of ICIC Pru Cash Advantage as purchase price of ICICI Pru Immediate Annuity Policy.

(Maturity benefit of ICICI Pru Cash Advantage= purchase price of ICICI Pru Immediate Annuity Policy)

3) The annuity amount is calculate as per the annuity rate applicable from 22 Feb 2017. Here it is assumed that your age and your spouse’s age to be 40 & 45. Annuity rates change time to time.

Your actual annuity amount will depend on the annuity rates that were prevailing when you purchased ICICI Pru Immediate Annuity

Tax benefits on premiums paid and benefits received will be applicable as per the prevailing tax laws.

The annuity option assumed is Joint Life Last Survivor with Return of Purchase Price and annuity periodicity assumed to be same as the cash benefit mode of your ICICI Pru Cash Advantage policy.

The name of the company or product name does not guarantee the quality or future guidance on returns.

Please Note :The above information is for giving the brief about the plan with sales brochures and policy documents. Kindly go through the terms & conditions before buying the plan, it is mentioned under ”customer declaration” section.

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